It can be any one of the cities, San Francisco, Sacramento or even LA, but sometimes setting up office can be a costly affair. There are of course always a few good reasons why startups might want to set up office or shop in so-called prime locations. And the alternative location of an office on the cities’ outskirts might come a lot cheaper but could err on the side of risk and unmarketability and inaccessibility.

Office supplies San Francisco

So then, the startup’s capital budget prioritizes on the rental or lease costs of the office floor. Office supplies San Francisco, Sacramento or Los Angeles, on the other hand, does not need to come at a high price. All the startup engineer now needs to do is to shop sensibly. For the time being, there is no place or space for luxuries. These will come later when the business starts to pick up. The office supplies are of course essential.

The startup boss and his staff need workstations. They may already have their own desktops already so perhaps now it is just a question of finding the most suitable furniture that can accommodate the essential hardware and software. If the office client is servicing a lease (this might be more cost-effective than renting on a month to month basis), he does need to make sure that he and his staff will be receiving a few ‘perks’ along the way.

One such accommodation will be an installed phone operating system. An HVAC system should already be in place. Also, the office floor should be close enough to emergency exit points and it should be the property owner’s duty to make sure that all anti-fire and burglary apparatus is already in place and serviceable for his tenants.